Thread Lift

Replenish Lost Volume

Purity Skin Studio's aestheticians use natural solutions to restore your skin back to the condition it's meant to be. We use technology, ingredients, and products that aren’t harmful to your skin and contribute to your body’s overall well-being. Minimize your fine lines and wrinkles with our cosmetic injections, provided by our highly-experienced staff.

Purity Skin Studio offers a variety of cosmetic injectables to treat fine lines and wrinkles, increase volume in the lips, cheeks or backs of the hands, and overall create a more youthful appearance. Call us today to book an appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.


What it Treats

Mild to moderate skin laxity
Sagging nasolabial folds Sagging cheeks
Sagging jowls
Acne scars
Mild neck laxity
Brow lift.
"Non-surgical facelift” 
Necklace lines
Fine lines and Wrinkles

Procedure time

30-90 minutes depending on area and number of threads

Recovery Time & Side Effects

One to two weeks of tenderness/soreness, possible bruising, and mild swelling. Facial rest required for 1-2 weeks, sleep on back for first few nights. No dentist or facials/massage for 1 month, no exercise 1 week.


Immediate AND long term—takes years off your face! Lifting threads dissolve in 5-6 months and boost collagen production. Results lasts about 1 year. Expect a subtle natural lift. (Consult required)

Mono threads: Dissolve in 1-2 months with collagen production lasting 3-6 months (longer with multiple sessions). Fine lines and wrinkles will be softened (not lifting!)

Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Consultation required to determine if you are a candidate
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Love Your Face

Have you ever walked into a Medical Spa and not know what you wanted or where to start? Do you just want to just show up and have your favorite Skin Therapist do exactly what your skin needs? Well then the Love Your Face program is for you! At Purity Skin Studio we customize an annual plan just for you and your skin needs based on your desired results, season, and lifestyle.
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