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What is PRF Therapy?

As a groundbreaking regenerative treatment, PRF uses your body's built-in restorative abilities to help drastically improve the symptoms of aging while also renewing the health of your complexion. Additionally, it can be an ideal treatment choice for stimulating hair production for lush, voluptuous hair. Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, is a revolutionary extension of the well-loved PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy widely used today. By making a unique serum using your own blood and fibrin proteins, PRF is placed into the skin to spur collagen and elastin growth. At Purity Skin Studio, our experienced staff in Highlands Ranch, CO is proud to supply PRF treatments to renew fullness, encourage hair production, and contribute to the overall health and feel of the skin without injections, plastic surgery, or long recovery periods.

What are the Benefits of PRF Therapy?

With the growing number of anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments and procedures available today, many people wonder what sets PRF therapy apart from the rest? Some of the most compelling benefits of PRF treatment compared with other options include:

  • Completely nonsurgical
  • Takes a natural approach to anti-aging, using the patient's own blood
  • No anesthesia or downtime required
  • Can help address a wide range of age-related symptoms
  • Can help boost natural hair growth
  • Results may last for 18 months or longer

How Does PRF Therapy Work?

While at Purity Skin Studio for your PRF treatment, you will be settled in a relaxing treatment area. A blood sample will be taken and then expertly spun in a centrifuge to obtain the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Following this, the PRP is added to a fibrin protein combination to create the customized gel-like PRF mixture that is drawn in a syringe. Once the treatment area is sanitized and prepared, the PRF solution will be delicately placed in the targeted locations. The entire treatment process is generally quick and straightforward, frequently only lasting about half an hour.

Am I a Candidate for PRF Therapy?

The best candidates for platelet-rich fibrin therapy could be hoping for a dermal filler alternative that works with their natural blood. This treatment might additionally be beneficial for addressing hair loss by stimulating fresh development in the hair follicles. When you come for a thorough consultation at Purity Skin Studio, our team will carefully assess the present state of your skin to be able to ascertain if you may wish to have PRF or a different treatment at our practice in Highlands Ranch, CO.

This is the best skin studio ever!!! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming- they are the sweetest! Nikki is the most amazing at laser and facial treatments- my skin always looks incredible after seeing her!! They carry really good skincare products that actually work. Highly recommend this studio for your skincare needs! So happy I found them!

A. Google

Purity Skin Studio is a refreshing place to find just what you need for your skin! Friendly and caring staff are available who listen to your concerns and desires every step of the way. They are up-to-date on the latest skin practices and have the technology to transform your desires for your skin. They offer so much more than I had anticipated! Check out the studio for all their services to accentuate your self care!!

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Just got my facial done with Rachel. She was awesome and explained what was going on when I had questions, but also allowed me to relax. Very kind and easy to talk to! I will continue to come back here and continue championing that more men should take care of their skin and get things like this done! Thanks Rachel and all the ladies at Purity! See you soon!

C.N. Google

Love! Rachel provided an exceptional facial experience. Her expertise shines through as she meticulously explains each step of the process and what to expect. She also offers valuable product recommendations tailored to help you reach your skin goals. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking top-notch skincare expertise.

B.P. Google

I am so happy I found this place. They are amazing at all the "stuff"! From facials (customized to your skincare needs) to laser treatments and all the injectables! Everyone I've dealt with is exceptional at their job. I appreciate they also have specials from time to time! Also, I appreciate knowing the owner is really involved in ensuring customers have a great experience. I had been looking for a place to take care of all my anti-aging efforts and this place has finally checked all the boxes.

M.M. Google


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Improves Skin Texture



Barrier Function


Volume Loss

We see remodeling and repair because it causes tissue-specific cell regeneration. It’s safe to place anywhere on the face, but we love it for undereye rejuvenation.


45 – 60 min. Your provider will draw your blood, spin it in a centrifuge for 10 min, and use the plasma immediately for injection.


Expect swelling, mild irritation, and potential bruising. We want an immune response, so it’s essential not to ice or massage the area or take anti-inflammatory medication, including Benadryl or ibuprofen. Refrain from exercise for 3 – 5 days and drink plenty of water post-procedure.


It is recommended to have 2 – 3 treatments four weeks apart for best results. Results are seen 2 – 3 months post-procedure and last up to 18 months or longer!


Starting at $400+ for Skin Pen and starting at $799+ for SylfirmX

A Natural Rejuvenation Approach

Platelet-rich fibrin treatment is a fantastic option for those wanting a more natural method to improve the signs of aging and rejuvenate hair growth. By incorporating a patient's own growth factors and proteins, PRF encourages elastin and collagen growth for long-lasting regenerative improvements. Contact Purity Skin Studio in Highlands Ranch, CO to discover more regarding this revolutionary treatment option and to schedule your initial appointment.

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Is PRF Therapy Painful?

The discomfort associated with PRF Therapy is generally minimal. Most patients describe a light pinching sensation during the injection. At Purity Skin Studio, we aim to make the experience as comfortable as possible, often using a topical anesthetic to reduce any potential discomfort.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results of PRF Therapy can vary from person to person, but generally, they last for about 6 to 12 months. Follow-up treatments can help maintain and extend the effects, depending on your skincare goals and needs.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are typically minor and can include temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. These usually subside within a couple of days. We always recommend discussing your medical history and any concerns with our qualified healthcare providers before undergoing any treatment.

Can PRP be Combined With Other Hair Treatments?

Additional hair treatments depend on the reason for hair loss. Our skilled team will determine the best treatment for each patient’s specific needs. It is common for some patients to combine PRF therapy with topical medications applied at home as well. We will assess your scalp and level of hair loss before creating your custom treatment plan.

What's the Difference Between PRP and PRF Therapies?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) are both blood-based treatments using platelets, but PRF includes a fibrin matrix, providing a more sustained release of growth factors. PRF is often considered an evolution of PRP, offering longer-lasting benefits.

How Many PRF Treatments Should I Get?

Usually, patients need roughly 2 – 3 appointments. These appointments will be scheduled four weeks apart from each other. Our staff will help you know when to arrange follow-up sessions and the required number for the ideal results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.