Purity Skin Studio

Anyone can achieve gorgeous and healthy with our services at Purity Skin Studio in Highlands Ranch. 




The cosmetologist makes the procedure Microdermabrasion of the facial skin of a beautiful, young woman in a beauty salon. Cosmetology and professional skin care.

We have a full range of services to replenish your skin and enhance your face’s natural features with pure ingredients and over a decade of experience shaping the beauty of everyone who visits. You can improve your skin through a facial or get the aesthetic treatments you want to look better, longer. We offer high-quality brow options and more at our Highlands Ranch studio, so you can feel confident in your skin.

Facial Treatments in Highlands Ranch to Relax, Refresh

Our world-class facials come in a variety of options to zero-in on your specific skin concerns. The facial treatments we have available at our Highlands Ranch studio have benefits to smooth and hydrate skin, and also fight signs of aging and impurities like acne. Our soothing treatments are the perfect way to unwind from stress and daily pressure while simultaneously purifying your skin. See our specialists in Highlands Ranch for a facial today.


Who doesn’t love an enriching and relaxing face treatment?


Brows can make or break a look, so make sure yours are at their best

Permanent Eyeliner

We provide permanent eyeliner makeup service.

Skin Treatments

We specialize in a wide array of skin treatment services.

Highlands Ranch Full-Service Eyebrow Studio

At our Highlands Ranch eyebrow studio, we have a list of options for your brows to look their best. Start out with the right shape for your face and style with detailed eyebrow waxing that clears away excess hair and leaves you with a sharp set of brows. Finish it up by using a tint to make them appear fuller or go for microblading and powder brows for a lasting effect that looks natural. Check out all the brow services we have.

All the Skin-Care Solutions You Need in Highlands Ranch

Stop by our Highlands Ranch location and experience all the aesthetic treatments you have so you can look marvelous with incredible skin. We offer specialty services as well that include treatments such as microneedling, thermoclear, chemical peels, and LED therapy. Discover all the ways our Highlands Ranch technicians purify and treat skin.



- What Clients Are Saying About Purity Skin Studio -

  • Paige Brown

    "A beautiful, locally-owned spa right in the heart of Highlands Ranch! The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. So many unique treatment options - hard to choose just one! I felt pampered! Their skin care line of products is wonderful - I've been using their products for over a year now and I love how my face feels."

  • Paul Reyes

    "Cream of the crop, european standard products, my skin is looking so good and im only using their products for home use, scars are clearing and skin is smoothening out, can't wait to see the results from the facial and chemical peel, combine the chemical peel with a facial and the peel is less than half the original price."

  • Alyssa Webb

    "Amanda is amazing at what she does. She listens to your concerns and creates results that last. When you receive a facial you will not only get results but will also leave feeling super relaxed. Her facial massage is the best as well!!"

  • Terri Thelen

    "I highly recommend Amanda. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but also very passionate about helping others with their skin care needs. She educates each of her clients and her product knowledge is outstanding. I trust Amanda 100%."

    Making the World Beautiful, One Face At a Time

    At Purity Skin Studio, we help everyone who comes in look and feel their best with services like facials, eyebrow waxing, and specialty options. We believe in maintaining purity in all that we do by using pure intentions, integrity, and ingredients to give you healthy and radiant skin. Come into our Highlands Ranch studio to pamper your skin and relax with our experience and artistry. Call or book your appointment online now and get the fresh face you deserve.

    Due to the new restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic we have limited availability with technicians and services. Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep our clients and staff as healthy and as safe as possible. Right now the mandate for Colorado states that “all people inside personal service facilities must wear a mask and no service that would require the mask to be moved will be allowed at this time.” We thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty and support! Please text the spa with any additional questions or concerns 720-583-5138