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What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

A wrinkle relaxer is a nonsurgical injectable treatment employed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles that occur due to repeated muscle contractions. It may help reduce signs of aging, including forehead wrinkles, Crow's feet surrounding the eyes, and "11" lines between the eyebrows. Wrinkle relaxers are created from a specialized strain of botulinum toxin type A, which briefly limits facial muscle movement. In time, the existence of wrinkles is lessened once the skin is able to heal and rejuvenate on its own. Purity Skin Studio offers multiple types of wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX® and Dysport®, based on your unique needs. Our team is highly experienced in creating natural-looking results with wrinkle relaxer treatments at our Highlands Ranch, CO office.

Who is a Candidate for Wrinkle Relaxers?

Both men and women can benefit from wrinkle relaxer treatments at Purity Skin Studio. They work best for patients with fine lines and wrinkles due to repetitive muscle movements, such as furrowing the brow or squinting. Sometimes younger patients in their 20s choose BOTOX® and Dysport® to prevent future wrinkles from appearing. Our team will assess your skin and discuss your aesthetic goals to determine if wrinkle relaxers are right for your needs at this time. Please inform us if you have any allergies, and be sure to tell us about any current medications and medical conditions so that we can safely deliver the best possible result.

What is a Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment Like?

During a thorough exam at our Highlands Ranch, CO office, our staff will determine which wrinkle relaxer option is ideal for you and your aesthetic goals. We conduct wrinkle relaxer treatments as an outpatient procedure that can be done on the same day as your initial visit. You might be told to make different facial expressions using the upper face. This helps us deliver the treatment in the correct area. First, we cleanse the skin, mark the injection sites, and insert a thin syringe to deliver the treatment. We utilize a cold compress immediately following the treatment to minimize discomfort and sensitivity. Depending on the formula type and the number of injections, your procedure could last around 10 – 15 minutes, after which you can return to your previously planned routine.

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What Are the Benefits of Wrinkle Relaxers?

Lines and creases on your forehead and between the eyes can cause you to look older than you truly are. Wrinkle relaxers are beneficial to minimize the look of these issues by temporarily limiting the capacity to change facial expressions. A wrinkle relaxer injection at Purity Skin Studio comes with further advantages for Highlands Ranch, CO individuals, such as:

  • Temporarily preventing potential creases
  • Addressing forehead wrinkles, Crow's feet, and frown lines around the eyes
  • Outcomes look natural and can last for as long as 3 – 4 months
  • Fast, nonsurgical treatment
  • Providing a newly rejuvenated appearance
  • No downtime is involved following your procedure
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At Purity Skin Studio, our talented team is happy to perform cosmetic wrinkle relaxer injections to give patients a revitalized appearance without requiring an invasive surgical procedure or recovery time. Our staff can review your beauty concerns and recommend the right wrinkle relaxer compound for your goals. We invite you to call our Highlands Ranch, CO practice to schedule your consultation when you're ready to learn more.


Facial Wrinkles

Neck Spasms

Excessive Sweating

Asymmetrical Brows

Droopy Eyelids

Lazy Eye


Crows Feet

Forehead Wrinkles

Fine Lines


20 – 30 minutes


Requires no social downtime. Side effects can include potential headaches and bruising, and boosted confidence.


Clients will see results in 3 – 5 days and up to 14 days. Tighter, smoother skin resulting in a more youthful appearance.


Starting at $13 a unit for Botox and $5 a unit for Dysport

How many wrinkle relaxer units/injections will I need?

The number of wrinkle relaxer injections given could range depending on individual needs and the extent of your facial wrinkles and lines. Our staff will advise you on the appropriate number of injections based upon your targeted cosmetic outcomes and whether you seek to address Crow's feet, the forehead, or the space between the eyes. To keep up your rejuvenated appearance, our staff might suggest getting treatments spaced 3 – 4 months apart at Purity Skin Studio.

Are wrinkle relaxer treatments painful?

As with many injection-based treatments, patients will feel a light poking sensation as the treatment is administered. Note that any discomfort just lasts a few seconds, so many patients report that this minor discomfort is quite bearable. Our practitioners will help you remain comfortable throughout the course of your treatment. If needed, we can utilize an anesthetic agent to make your procedure more pleasant.

What's the difference between dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers?

Both wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers help you look younger, but they both function differently. Wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX, temporarily immobilize the facial muscles to help diminish shallow lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, however, boost fullness to sunken parts of the face and fill out deep-set lines. Our staff can tell you more about the advantages of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers during a appointment at our facility.

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