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What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO thread lift is a nonsurgical technique that elevates and firms sagging skin. The thread lift is often an excellent choice for people who may be uninclined to get a facelift operation; however, they likewise would like to soften the evidence of getting older, like lines, folds, and hanging skin. At Purity Skin Studio, we use PDO collagen threads (also called polydioxanone threads), which are dissolvable sutures passed through the skin to promote collagen development and lift loose skin and fine lines. Generally labeled a "lunchtime facelift," a PDO thread lift doesn't need a significant recuperation period. Book an initial visit at our Highlands Ranch, CO office to see if a thread lift could be an appropriate cosmetic procedure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What Are the Benefits of A PDO Thread Lift?

Not all individuals need or desire invasive surgical options to obtain a raised, enhanced aesthetic. For our Highlands Ranch, CO patients who are interested in resolving to drop skin without acquiring an invasive surgery, a polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift would be a wonderful treatment that could provide you various advantages, such as:

  • Collagen stimulation that delivers youthful outcomes for years to come
  • Feeling pleased with your brand-new glowing outcomes
  • Results that are longer-lasting than some other nonsurgical anti-aging solutions, including injectables
  • Minimally invasive while still effective procedure

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

A PDO thread lift is a brief procedure that generally takes about an hour to finish. Before your thread lift treatment, we will check with you to propose which kind of thread lift to use, how many to inject, and the location to get the best outcomes. Generally, a local numbing agent is used to desensitize the treatment regions and allow you to relax. We will place the threads into designated locations on your face implementing a fine needle. The sutures are gently pulled to produce an uplifted look and a younger-looking result. No cuts or incisions are required during this treatment.


As someone is there thirty’s with acne, I didn’t think I would ever have clear skin. Ashley changed that. She was incredibly respectful and created a skin care and facial routine for me that has left my skin clear and smooth. 5 out of 5 would recommend her for anyone looking to bring out the best in their skin.

K.P. Google

Ashley is my go-to gal for facials. I swear every time I leave it looks like I have a beauty filter on. The facial is sooo relaxing and I’m always happy with the service after

B.J. Google

I’ve been getting micro needling and chemical peels done regularly with Ashley the last few months to get my face wedding ready. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has literally changed my life! I’ve suffered from acne since I was a preteen and now you almost can’t tell I ever had it - my skin looks and feels SO good! She also gave me great product recommendations and education on what to do at home to maintain my results. She creates such a comforting and enjoyable experience - I always look forward to seeing her! If you’re looking for a great esthetician, look no further and go see Ashley!

H.C. Google

Just had my first Chemical Peel with Alicia and she made it a lovely experience! I will be back!

C.U. Google

This is the best studio I have ever been to for my skin treatments. All of the employees are so friendly and knowledgeable! They really take care of you and do an excellent job helping you learn what treatments might be best for YOU. They are never pushy and are always bringing in new state of the art treatments. They have some of the best customer incentives I have ever seen. All the ladies are fantastic at what they do. Mikayla is my all time favorite!!

K.D. Google


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Mild to moderate skin laxity

Sagging nasolabial folds

Sagging cheeks

Sagging jowls

Acne scars

Mild neck laxity

Brow lift

"Non-surgical facelift”

Necklace lines

Fine lines and wrinkles


30 – 90 minutes, depending on the area and number of threads


You may have one to two weeks of tenderness/soreness, possible bruising, and mild swelling. Facial rest is required for 1 – 2 weeks, and sleeping on your back for the first few nights is essential. Refrain from going to the dentist or having facials or massages for one month, and do not exercise for one week.


Immediate and long-term results that take years off your face! Lifting threads dissolve in 5 – 6 months and boost collagen production. Results last about one year. Expect a subtle natural lift. (Consult required)

Mono threads: Dissolve in 1 – 2 months, with collagen production lasting 3 – 6 months (longer with multiple sessions). Fine lines and wrinkles will be softened (not lifting!)

Look Younger without Surgery

PDO thread lifts can offer a nonsurgical alternative to tighten saggy skin and create a youthful appearance. If you deal with mild to moderate loss of firmness, wrinkly skin, or just want a rejuvenated appearance, call Purity Skin Studio in Highlands Ranch, CO to schedule an appointment and learn more about PDO thread lifts or additional nonsurgical facial treatment alternatives.

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How much does a PDO thread lift cost?

The actual price of your thread lifting treatment might vary based on the number of threads required, which are selected according to your concerns and goals. However, the treatment is quite a bit lower in price compared to a cosmetic surgical procedure, so it may work an option for a facelift alternative. The team at Purity Skin Studio will tell you more about pricing info when you come for your initial consultation.

How long will my PDO thread lift results last?

This will be based according to the starting health of your complexion. Normally, the outcomes of thread lifting might be visible for up to a year and a half or more. Following this period, you will probably wish to have a follow-up treatment so you can keep up a youthful look. It's possible to further maintain your improvements by keeping a healthy routine that includes a nutrient-rich eating plan, regular exercise, and a home-based skin care regimen.

Does a PDO thread lift hurt?

No, many clients don't experience discomfort when they have a PDO thread lift. Before starting, a topical agent will be used to desensitize the targeted region so you'll stay relaxed throughout the duration of your appointment. A number of patients might experience minor tenderness or swelling after the treatment, but this normally goes away after several days.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.