Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix

PRFM is a blood product that creates a controlled healing response for soft tissue regeneration. When injected, it releases the highest levels of growth factors (compared to PRP), recruits more stem cells to the area, induces the highest fibroblast migration (collagen production), and increases blood flow to the area via angiogenesis. As a result, we see regeneration of skin, brightening, improvement in texture, fine lines and improvement in volume loss.


What it Treats

Improves skin texture, elasticity, smoothness, barrier function, brightness, and volume loss. We see remodeling and repair because it causes tissue-specific cell regeneration. It’s safe to place anywhere on the face, but we love it for undereye rejuvenation.

Procedure time

45-60 min. The RN will draw your blood, spin it in a centrifuge for 10 min and uses the plasma immediately for injection.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

Expect swelling, mild irritation and potential bruising. We want an immune response so it’s important to not massage the area, do not ice or take anti-inflammatory medication including Benadryl or ibuprofen. No exercise for 3-5 days. Drink A LOT of water post procedure.


It is recommended that we do 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart for best results. Results are seen 2-3 months post-procedure and last up to 18 months or longer!

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Love Your Face

Have you ever walked into a Medical Spa and not know what you wanted or where to start? Do you just want to just show up and have your favorite Skin Therapist do exactly what your skin needs? Well then the Love Your Face program is for you! At Purity Skin Studio we customize an annual plan just for you and your skin needs based on your desired results, season, and lifestyle.
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