Who doesn’t love an enriching and relaxing face treatment? At Purity Skin Studio in Highlands Ranch, we are certainly fans of pure treatments that boost the appearance of your face and leave behind healthy skin. We have solutions for all of your skin problems with cleansing and calming properties that can go deep into your skin for immediate results that you’ll see long after the treatment is done. Our Highlands Ranch facial spa has the solutions you need to achieve the look you desire.



A Highlands Ranch Facial Spa That Uses Pure Ingredients

We pride ourselves on using exceptional ingredients. The products in our facial treatments will make a difference to your skin that is easy to see and feel long after you leave our studio. Our specialists in Highlands Ranch have developed high-end techniques and formulas that can handle even the most stubborn of skin conditions. Experience the difference our pure beauty ethic can deliver to your skin when you book an appointment at our Highlands Ranch spa.

Select Our Facial Services

  • Make It Relaxing Molly

    - 60 minutes -

    For those wanting a deep relaxation with lots of invigorating scents and massage. Clients have been known to fall asleep during this treatment which incorporates all the essentials like cleansing, enzymes, serums, masks, and more. This facial will leave your skin glowing and refreshed and your mind and body relaxed.

    From $85

  • Sensitive Sally

    - 45 minutes -

    This calming facial is great for those struggling with rosacea or extremely dehydrated or stressed skin. Utilizing gentle enzymes and loads of hydration, this facial is sure to help calm even the most sensitive of skin.

    From $75

  • Clear It Up Cady

    - 60 minutes -

    Tired of dealing with clogged pores and oily or acne prone skin? This treatment will help clarify your skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Including extractions, blue LED, and more, this facial will have your skin thanking you for all the love.

    From $85

  • Brightening Betty

    - 75 minutes -

    This treatment will help to awaken and brighten lackluster and dull skin. To rid the skin of toxins and environmental stress this facial uses cherry enzymes and vitamin C infusion. Choose this facial to give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow.

    From $95

  • No More Aging Alexa

    - 90 minutes -

    Formerly known as the Ultimate correction, this facial is the ultimate treatment in the fight against aging. If you are looking for a facial that is an alternative to lasers look no further. This facial incorporates aggressive exfoliation with scrubs, acids, dermaplaning, red LED to stimulate collagen and elastin, serums with growth factors and peptides, and so much more. This facial will leave you wondering how we fit all of this goodness into just 1 treatment.

    From $140

  • Fire & Ice

    - 45 minutes -

    Aka the red carpet ready facial will boost brightness and gently resurface and retexturize the skin leaving you ready to take on the world!

    From $125

  • Best.Facial.Ever

    - 60 minutes -

    Using the Rezenerate wand for the best nano therapy on the market, this facial infuses serums into your skin and finishes off with a collagen mask to give you all the feels.

    From $120

  • The Quickie

    - 30 minutes -

    This treatment is no fuss–get in, get out, get great results.

    From $60

  • The Foam Party

    - 60 minutes -

    This treatment incorporates a foaming enzyme that feels like champagne bubbles on your face. A mud mask to help pull out impurities for the ultimate way to detoxify your skin.

    From $95

  • The High Schooler

    - 30 minutes -

    The perfect teen facial for those with any imperfections, this facial also includes a full consultation as well as lessons on proper cleansing and how lifestyle impacts the skin. Your teen will leave with knowledge and confidence on how to take care of their skin and knowing they have a skin therapist that not only takes care of their face but has their back too!

    From $50

  • The Beautiful Back (Back Facial)

    - 50 minutes -

    This treatment is basically our signature Make It Relaxing Molly Facial but for your back!

    From $85

  • The Steve (Man Facial)

    - 50 minutes -

    For the man who wants to look like George Clooney in his later years instead of Mick Jagger, this is for you. This facial is perfect to deeply clean and rejuvenate the skin in a very masculine way. The hot towels and scalp massage will leave any man walking out ready to conquer the world!

    From $75

*Pricing varies by technician. Call our front desk for details.

Treatments to Target All of Your Concerns

We offer an extensive menu, so no matter what you’re looking for, our Highlands Ranch technicians have you covered. There is our popular Fire and Ice option, 45 minutes, $120; that increases brightness and gently retexturizes the surface of your skin. Other facial treatments available at our Highlands Ranch skin studio are The.Best.Facial.Ever, 60 minutes, $115; that infuses serums far into skin using a rezenerate wand and finishes with a collagen mask, the M&M, 30 minutes, $55; that incorporates as a mask and massage for quick relaxation, and our Foam Party that incorporates a foaming enzyme and mud mask to draw out any impurities in your skin.



Facials for Everyone in Highlands Ranch

With a long list of facials at our Highlands Ranch location, everyone can enjoy a soothing treatment. We even have brought our impressive results to other areas besides your face. Our Bottoms Up, 45 minutes, $60; helps your bottom be ready for bikini season and the Beautiful Back option, 50 minutes, $80; and our signature Make it Relaxing Molly Facial, 60 minutes, $80; provides deep relaxation and facial treatment essentials to this often overlooked part of your body. Men and teens can also get in our high-quality treatments with solutions specifically designed for them. Contact us to learn all about the treatment services we have in Highlands Ranch.   

Making the World Beautiful, One Face At a Time

At Purity Skin Studio, we help everyone who comes in look and feel their best with services like facials, and specialty options. We believe in maintaining purity in all that we do by using pure intentions, integrity, and ingredients to give you healthy and radiant skin. Come into our Highlands Ranch facial spa to pamper your skin and relax with our experience and artistry. Call or book your appointment online now and get the fresh face you deserve.